Services - Weddings



Your Wedding day is a VERY special day
You will want to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that everyone has a wonderful time.
That is where a professional Toastmaster comes in.
 Simply put, my job is to take the running of the Reception out of your hands and leave you to experience & enjoy your day to the full.

Wedding receptions, and other formal occasions require someone to co-ordinate, direct and announce the ceremonial proceedings, such as the Receiving line, speeches and the cake -cutting ceremony.
The day involves many different components, as well as the Wedding Party, and Guests, we have the Venue, Video,Photographer ,Catering and Hotel staff, and all need to be co-ordinated to help ensure that everything runs smoothly,and to the schedule.

A Toastmaster is present to link everything together, to make sure that nothing is forgotten, and that all works to time. This needs to be done by someone working on behalf of the Wedding Party, but leaving the Party free to enjoy the Day as much as they should.

Your Toastmaster ensures the smooth and efficient running of your special day, discreetly going about his duties, giving you the confidence to fully relax as much as possible.Take the stress away from your day, by using a professional Toastmaster.


                       "A Toastmaster adds distinction to every special event."